AMT Datasouth Solutions for Healthcare


From printers to software to our partnerships with other leading organizations that support healthcare all over the U.S., AMT Datasouth offers solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing hospital systems. Read more about some of our solutions here (PDF) and below:


Mobile Printer Bedside Lab Labeling Solution

While at a patient’s bedside, Healthcare Professionals can now print labels for patients using the mobile Fastmark M4 by connecting wirelessly to the print file of a physician’s order for blood draws. Using our proprietary PAL programming, the M4 can scan the print file for the same Medical Record Number and Patient name that was scanned from the wristband and the healthcare professional can then verify this information on the M4 screen and print out the correct amount of labels with all the pertinent Lab label information, including the accession number. The need for a handheld computer is eliminated…….READ MORE (PDF)


On Demand Labels: Right at a Patient’s Side, Nurse’s Station or Wireless Cart

Until now, healthcare professionals only had two options for printing patient labels – use costly sheets of labels and replace toner often – or use thermal printers. Both of these solutions require a static workstation, taking them away from the patient’s side costing time and efficiency.

Now there is a third option – using any 2D scanner plugged directly into the low profile Fastmark M5, a healthcare professional can scan the 2D barcode on the patient’s wristband or chart label – out will immediately print the exact same information as what you just scanned…….READ MORE (PDF)



This secure, cost effective solution makes the healthcare professional’s job easier and allows them to focus more on job one – the patient. After making a master 2D barcode label upon patient check-in, The PALSECURE ON DEMAND solution automatically encrypts the patient data when it gets bar-coded to ensure the data remains safe and human unreadable, even by a barcode scanner. But when the scanned image is fed to another PALSECURE ON DEMAND printer anywhere in the hospital – no network connection necessary—a decrypted, approved proper label is produced……READ MORE

AMT Process 24/7® for Hospital Downtime

When a hospital’s HIS goes down either unexpectedly or more commonly for scheduled maintenance that could last a few hours or perhaps an entire weekend, patient intake, bedside and lab labeling, and pharmaceutical labeling can’t wait for the system to return to uptime.

AMT Process 24/7 is the software solution for downtime patient admittance administration and for labeling at bedside, the lab, and pharmacy…….READ MORE

Mobile Disaster Victim Identifier and Triage Solution

In a disaster situation, the quick identification and triaging of victims is critical. Using the Mobile Disaster Victim Identifier and Triage Solution featuring the Fastmark M3, first responders like police and fire can scan the 2D barcode on the back of the victim’s driver’s license, which pulls personally identifiable data like name, DOB, gender, and driver’s license number. They would also then scan the appropriate 2D barcode associated with a certain triage level (typically 1 through 4) from a color-coded triage guide. From scanning both the driver license and the triage level, a label will print out immediately that can be attached to a wristband which will be put on the victim…….READ MORE (PDF)