Thermal Printers


web2resizedAgainAMT Datasouth Corp. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of desktop barcode label and tag printers, media, label design software and other peripherals sold under our market name of Fastmark and other private label brands.

AMT Datasouth Corp. serves its customers through a network of Dealers and VAR’s. The company’s goal is to provide efficient and cost effective printer solutions that are consistent with customer requirements and application demands.

The Fastmark thermal printer line are versatile and configurable label printers providing perfect printing solutions for small, as well as large operations in virtually all industries and vertical markets.


See our Thermal Printers Lineup Page for details on all models including:

ALERT-A-COLOR – Hospital Printer, Wristbands, and Labels

Fastmark M1 – the ideal wristband and baby tag printer

Fastmark M3 – mobile and wide variety of applications including emergency management

Fastmark M4 – mobile  and great for healthcare and warehousing – can connect via Bluetooth and WiFi simultaneously

Fastmark M5 – great for labels, baby tags, and wristbands – print labels on demand, when you need them

Fastmark M5e – Shrink Tube or Traditional Label Printing

Fastmark M8x – rugged and fast – perfect for industrial applications

Fastmark M9+ – Easy Implementation and Easy to Use for All-Around Thermal Printing

Fastmark M10XPd – High performance and color touch display

Fastmark PT-2 – Ideal for barcoded labels and wristbands or for receipts