Admissions and Software Solutions to Help With COVID-19


AMT Datasouth has products available to help healthcare providers meet needs associated with additional areas, locations, equipment, and even new designations for patients as they react to the constantly changing dynamics of COVID-19.

Our products have been used in well over 500 hospitals, including many Army Medical Department (AMEDD) locations and on the hospital ships USNS Comfort and USNS Mercy.

We have provided a summary below. Please contact 800-215-9192 or complete the “Email Us” form on the right side of the page for more information.

Increased Number of Admittance/Intake Stations and New Testing Sites

As new areas are set up both within existing healthcare facilities and in new locations, more stations to print wristbands and labels are needed. We have several wristband and label printers available including:

Hospital wristband printers
Mobile wristband/label printers
High volume label printers


The firmware in our printers accepts existing data streams without the need for the hospital IT staff to have to make a bunch of changes:

• Popular emulations like Zebra are included

• Our own proprietary firmware known as PAL® accepts any data stream to print the desired output

• Our support team quickly sets up formatting specific to each healthcare location’s specific needs and can make changes to formats and layouts in the future as they arise (all of this can be done remotely)

• Asset tags for the many ventilators and other machines, devices, and equipment brought in to address COVID-19 are easily done with our printers. This includes durable thermal transfer asset and inspection labels that last.


Easily Identify Status of Patients and Create New Layouts of Wristbands and Labels (Including Asset Tags) On-Demand

If special layouts or formats are needed that make a patient’s current testing status for COVID-19 obvious (positive, negative, tested but no results back, isolation, etc.) or for equipment (on loan status, PPE with expiration, etc.) then our PAL® firmware provides an ideal solution. It enables our support team to create these new layouts as described above.
Or the hospital user can use our AMT Process 24/7 software to quickly and easily create new formats and layouts for wristbands and labels on their own whenever they need to.


More of a Need to Work Offline

If new offsite locations lack network capabilities or the same level of security that a hospital network provides, then AMT Process 24/7 is an ideal choice that alleviates those concerns as a non-network connected software product:

• Admit patients and save the data on a desktop, laptop, or tablet

• Patient admittance data can be easily uploaded into the hospital’s system later

• Print labels and wristbands for asset tags, patients, testing centers, the lab, pharmacy, etc. utilizing either our printers or Zebra and Zebra compatible printers

• Create wristband and label formats and layouts and modify them as needed using the virtual form designer