PALSAFE is a complete, Windows-based, stand-alone software solution for use in downtime patient admittance administration. Each PALSAFE solution is customized and includes pre-designed data input and printing templates to match the hospital’s specific application requirements.  All patient data entry records are automatically encrypted. When the downtime situation is cleared, PALSAFE data can be exported to the hospital’s HIS via Excel or flat file formats.

PALSAFE drivers support any Fastmark and M Series brand thermal printers. These printers are compatible with a wide range of wristbands, labels and tags and can print in all standard bar code types, including 2D, EAN and Code 128.

A stand-alone decryption utility program allows patient data to be securely uploaded into the HIS and decrypted locally using administrator password control. Downtime entries can be exported to Excel or flat file formats for printing reports and automatic data entry into the HIS.

The PALSAFE Software Platform Includes:

•  Custom templates for inputting and printing patient admittance records

•  Print drivers for Fastmark and M Series Thermal printers

•  Stored barcode fonts including 2D

•  Formatting for the Labels, Tags and Wristbands you specify

•  Secure encryption for storing patient records, with administrative password access

•  Formatter for creating and sending Excel formatted files

Custom PALSAFE solutions are also available for other thermal and laser printers.

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