Process 24/7 – Downtime Wristband and Label Creation Software


AMT Process 24/7® is an off-the-shelf Windows-based software solution for downtime Patient Admittance, ER and Pharmacy applications. It allows healthcare administrators to easily design patient labels and wristbands with as many fields and barcodes as needed. All data entered is stored in an encrypted database and can be imported and exported in Excel format.


“The 24/7 software has worked well for BWH. The software is easy to use and eliminates the need to re-wristband patients that are admitted during a downtime. It provides patient demographic data and the clinicians are able to scan the wristbands to administer medications when the system comes back up.”

– Brigham & Women’s Hospital


Downtime in a Hospital

When a hospital’s HIS goes down either unexpectedly or more commonly for scheduled maintenance that could last a few hours or perhaps an entire weekend, patient intake, bedside and lab labeling, and pharmaceutical labeling can’t wait for the system to return to uptime. Currently many hospitals have to revert to addressing these tasks manually – often by hand, which creates the potential for mistakes, lost revenue, and inefficiencies due to lost time because of lack of automation.


The Solution to Downtime: AMT Process 24/7

AMT Process 24/7 for addresses these needs with a Windows-based HIPAA encryption compliant solution that allows labels to be created on demand while also allowing for patient data capture on intake and for the data to be easily output to the HIS when it comes back online. The solution encrypts patient data, allows the hospital to design and modify patient labels and wristbands with as many fields and barcodes as needed, has one button reprints, and is easy to use.

The built-in Virtual Form Designer gives hospital IT’s the ability to quickly create the desired print formats for their patient wristbands and labels, including for pharmacy labels. Patient data is encrypted and is only accessible under administrator password control which can then be securely exported to the hospital HIS via Excel file format.

AMT Process 24/7 software is creates multiple custom forms in minutes. Data Entry fields can be inserted and resized at 0, 90, 180, and 270 degrees orientation. Multiple 1D (linear) and 2D Barcodes can be easily assigned to each data entry field. Various security filters can be assigned to each data entry field to ensure against operator data entry errors. Graphical logos can be resized and inserted in the label or armbands.

The AMT Process 24/7 solution supports Zebra and Zebra compatible printers by utilizing Direct Print Technology and no windows driver is required. Labels, Infant Tags and Armbands of up to 12″ long are all supported.


Virtual Form Designer: quickly create the desired print formats for patient wristbands and labels

  • Customizable Data Entry Fields: build forms that capture exactly the data needed in the proper format
  • Radio Buttons
  • Date Stamp
  • Security Filters
  • Barcodes (1D & 2D)
  • Graphic Logo
  • 203/300 dpi Resolution


Data Entry Window

  • Automatic Data Encryption: HIPAA compliant encryption: patient data is encrypted and only accessible under administrator password control
  • Import/Export to and from the hospital’s HIS via Excel file format
  • Quick Access Printer Icons: select from multiple printers at the touch of a button
  • Multiple Forms Support
  • Administrator Password Control
  • Re-print Feature: print records saved from earlier at the touch of a button
  • Automatic Data Authentication


To learn about our mobile tablet version with all of the same features PLUS the ability to connect wirelessly to printers via either Bluetooth or WiFi and built-in barcode scanner, see our AMT Process 24/7 Mobile page.


For more information contact: 800-215-9192.

Download the brochures in PDF format: Hospital Brochure or Pharmacy Brochure 

Download an evaluation version of AMT Process 24/7

Video demonstrating how to use AMT Process 24/7

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AMT Process 24/7 slide show

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