AMTDS Healthcare Success Story – 2012


Industry / Market

Healthcare – Patient Identification and Bedside Medication

Customer Profile

Growing Small City Hospital and Associated Outlying Rural Hospitals


This hospital was using embossers and imprinters for patient documentation.  Various locations throughout the associated group of ten hospitals were also using a mix of thermal label printers and laser sheet labels. A project was initiated for implementation of bedside medicine and specimen administration. For this process, the hospital needed to employ bar-coded patient wristband printers, on-demand label printers and portable bedside label printers.

Background and Story

  • The hospital conducted a one day vendor expo where three vendors had exhibits and presentations in separate rooms. Personnel from various departments came through the rooms and met with the vendors and were allowed to ask questions and get hands-on familiarity with the equipment and various media choices.  Feedback and “grade cards” were completed by the employees and based on this feedback the field was narrowed to two vendors.
  • A subsequent meeting and demonstration primarily with IT personnel resulted in the AMT Datasouth solutions being selected as the preferred choice for the project.
  • We were able to become involved by having strong relationships at the account and keeping key contacts up to date and aware of our capabilities.
  • The hospital had existing Bluetooth scanners already being used and wanted the capability to use these same scanners with the portable bedside printer.

AMTDS Solution & Benefits and Why the AMTDS Solution was Chosen

The solution included Fastmark M1 wristband printers, Fastmark M5 on-demand label printers and PT-1 Bluetooth label printers in addition to on-site services. The key benefits that drove this decision were:

  • PAL programming in the PT-1which allowed customization of the specimen labels and seamless interface with their existing scanners was a huge deciding factor. No other competitor could offer this.
  • Ease of setup and media loading in the M1 and M5’s
  • Ability to add downtime capability to the M1 and M5’s in the future
  • Pricing was competitive.



The ultimate order included:

  • 125 M5DT LAN printers for on-demand labels on the floors
  • 97 M1 DT LAN wristband printers
  • 430 PT-1 Bluetooth printers for bedside specimen labeling
  • 12 month on-site maintenance.

–       TOTAL order was valued near $400,000


Results, Benefits &Tips for Sales Managers

Lessons include:

  • The window of opportunity can be very small for some of these large projects. Having a strong presence at the account and keeping key contacts up to date and aware of our capabilities is critical.
  • Use of PAL for the PT-1 was again significant in this order.
  • You can be competitive head-to-head against the largest competitors when given the opportunity to show our features and benefits.
  • The value and ease of use of our products are competitive.
  • The flexibility & adaptability of our product and our service can be the deciding factor.
  • Hospitals implementing medicine and/or specimen administration must evaluate their current wristband solution.


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