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AMT Process 24/7® already available as an off-the-shelf Windows-based (desktop or laptop) software solution for downtime patient admittance administration as well as for labeling at bedside, the lab, and pharmacy  is now available as a mobile application.

Simply use your tablet and a regular or portable printer to print your patient labels and wristbands. The application connects wirelessly to a printer utilizing either Bluetooth or via WiFi to a network-connected printer. No need for a separate scanner, allowing for a completely cord-free experience.


Downtime in a Hospital

When a hospital’s HIS goes down either unexpectedly or more commonly for scheduled maintenance that could last a few hours or perhaps an entire weekend, patient intake, bedside and lab labeling, and pharmaceutical labeling can’t wait for the system to return to uptime. Rather than performing these tasks manually, a software solution is ideal. And a solution that allows for mobility with wireless capability so that labels can be created easily at bedside and elsewhere in the hospital and not just at the patient intake station has several advantages.

The Solution to Downtime: AMT Process 24/7 for Mobile

AMT Process 24/7 for Mobile addresses these needs with a Windows-based HIPAA compliant solution that allows labels to be created on demand while also allowing for patient data capture on intake and for the data to be easily output to the HIS when it comes back online. 

Our application for tablets has all of the benefits of the desktop version, plus it connects wirelessly to a printer utilizing either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and has a built-in scanner. By eliminating the need for cords and scanners, it makes the healthcare professional extremely mobile.

Like the desktop version, AMT Process 24/7 for Mobile encrypts patient data, allows the hospital to design and modify patient labels and wristbands with as many fields and barcodes as needed, has one button reprints, and is easy to use.

Labels can be printed or reprinted easily via either a Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection to any of our many wireless capable thermal printers. To allow healthcare professionals all of the advantages of mobility, bundle AMT Process 24/7 with small portable printers like the Fastmark M3 or Fastmark M4.

The application also has the capability to use the tablet’s photo taking application to add a picture to the record if desired. And just like the Windows version, the following features come standard:

  • Virtual Form Designer: quickly create the desired print formats for patient wristbands and labels
  • Customizable Data Entry Fields: build forms that capture exactly the data needed in the proper format
  • Security Filters
  • Barcode (linear & 2D)
  • Graphic Logo
  • Automatic Data Encryption: HIPPA compliant and patient data is encrypted and only accessible under administrator password control
  • Multiple Form Support
  • Select from multiple printers at the touch of a button
  • Re-print Feature: print records saved from earlier at the touch of a button
  • Import/Export to and from the hospital’s HIS via Excel file format


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For more information contact: 800-215-9192.

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