Additional Software

Software File Name Size
Memory Card Download Utility 35kb
Firmware – 4500, #109063 404kb
CodeWriter 4500 Series and 5106 Windows Printer Driver for Windows 95/98.(Not for use with Win NT) cw-9x.exe 212kb
CodeWriter Label Genesis – Label design software package 3,958kb
Flash Wiz file download utility 204kb
Remote Feature Manager utility ( for 4600 PAL, M6, some older M5 models ) 865kb
Feature Man ( pre-2008 4600 PAL models ) 98kb
Journey ATB interface test 60kb
Diagtool 1.64 Utility M-series (includes BT & wifi) 532kb
Diagtool 1.54 Utility M-series 482kb
Diagtool 1.32 Utility M-series (Use this for data capture) 471 KB
Diagtool 1.26 (for older M-series. NOTE some older M5, M6 use Remote Feat Mgr ) 476kb
Diagtool Quick Start Guide diag guide.pdf 475kb
Extendview 126kb
PSutility 198kb
4600 Plus Ethernet Firmware v.1.01 1.75MB
Printer Utility 4.30 ( FM plus series and PT-1 ) XP thru Win 10 2.42MB
Printer Manager Utility 1.03MB
Z5 Printer Utility 6.25MB
ACCEL 7450 F&I                                                                                            
7450 Printer firmware Update Utility contact support 330kb
7450 Firmware Update Instructions FW procedure 25kb
7450 Ethernet Netfinder Utility 175kb
Fastband wristband demo PALs  FastBandDemoPALs 980KB