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Documax FAQ

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1 Which driver should I use for the Documax printer? AMT Datasouth does not provide printer drivers for Documax series printers, since these printers do not contain a native AMT Datasouth command language. Instead, these printers contain Epson and IBM printer emulations. To use this printer with Windows, use the IBM XL Proprinter, or the Epson FX-80. These drivers all can be found on the Windows Installation disks.
2 Why does my Documax Printer lose form alignment after using Tear off button? The TEAROFF button is used to send the form to the tear position then returns to the top of form position after 15 seconds. Its return to the top of form position is dependent on 3 features: lines per inch, form length and load distance . These three features need to be set correctly to make this work.
3 How would I increase the buffer size on a Documax? The buffer size may be increased by entering the Printer Setup and advancing to Menu 4 – Printer Control. Press the Down-feature button to Buffer Size and change the value to a higher number to increase the data buffer size.
4 How do I perform a Default Reset on a Documax ? You cannot do a default reset in the fashion as you would an XL Series printer. If you desire to reset the Non Volatile Ram in the Documax 3300 printers, you must first gain access to Menu 10.**Before resetting it you may need to be print the profile! To

Print a Profile

  1. Take the printer off-line
  2. Open the keypad door.
  3. Press the Feature UP key until “Print Profile” is displayed
  4. Press “Enter”

This will print the current profile only. You must repeat the above steps for each profile, after closing the keypad door.

To clear the printer buffer and reset all features in RAM, turn the printer off then turn it back on.

To reset all profiles to factory default, perform the following:

  1. Load paper into the printer
  2. Place the printer online
  3. Press and release the Profile key
  4. Press and release the Park key
  5. Open the keypad door and use the next menu key to scroll to menu 10.

Reset Printer NVM should be displayed. Press Enter. You will have to set any features that you have changed from factory.

5 The printer looses its settings when powered off. What can be done to prevent this? When you close the keypad door after you make changes to the current profile the printer will prompt you to press the Profile key to save the current settings as the new default. If you do not see this prompt, then you can open the keypad door again and go to M7 Profile Control and to the “save Profile” feature. Press enter at that point to save the current settings as the default for that profile. The settings should remain in memory even if you turn the printer off. If not, then you have a faulty logic board in the printer and need to call for service.
6 How do I set the Top of Form? TO SET TOP OF FORM: load paper then open keypad door and hit ADJUST FORM, the paper will come up to the tear bar as a reference point, using the VALUE UP & DOWN keys move the paper such that the tear bar is like an underline for the first line of data. When finished hit ADJUST FORM and the paper will go back into the printer to be printed in that position.
7 How do I print out the Printers profile ? Open the keypad door, press the Next Menu key until M9 is displayed. Press feature down until “Print Profile” is displayed. Press Enter key. The printer will print the profile.
8 The LCD is showing Detent Error. What does this mean? Detent is a message displayed in the LCD denoting that the printhead on power-up or the loading of paper into the printer cannot move forward to measure the thickness of the paper and/or the correct gap between the paper & the printhead are too close causing a printhead jam.

Please remove the ribbon cartridge and try to power up the printer.

If the printer is on, remove the ribbon cartridge and try to park and load the paper in the printer.

If the error persist call tech support for additional information or an authorization number (RMA) to return printer for repair.

9 What is the right setup for the Documax A3300 if I am running Windows 98? If using the Parallel port, the port should be set to ECP or SPP. We recommend using the IBM Proprinter drivers. Set the printer in Menu 3 to:

Emulate IBM Pro
Font DP 10
Set IBM Code 437
Nat. USA
IBM Char Set 1
Print Zero as 0

10 Serial port set up, what should the settings be? IT will depend on your system and how it handles serial printer communications. The baud rate is set to 9600 by default and in most applications this is sufficient. The handshaking is really system dependant. So if your system is wired to accept DTR, RTS and CTS you may or may not need to enable modem control and DTR, (please see Section 4, Menu 5 of your Users Manual). Your printer may run just fine off the x-on/x-off handshaking, or it may require “robust” handshaking, again please refer to your Users Manual. If you have further questions about handshaking or your system requirements then I suggest that you contact your system administrator.
11 I cleaned the carriage rails with alcohol and lint free cloth and it seems much better. Any recommendation for lubricants ? Clean the rails with Denatured Alcohol Only. Do not use any lubricates. This causes the carriage plate to stall more, until eventually the carriage plate must be changed. Part # 104033.T
12 I am getting a carriage jam error message on power up. What could be the problem? This error could be caused by a dirty, blocked or faulty left margin (carriage home) sensor. If you move the printhead to the center of the printer and turn on the power, it should attempt to home the carriage. If the carriage only moves a slight bit when positioned in the center (left to right), and the carriage jam error is displayed, then there is a problem with the sensor. The sensor is on the left side of the printer, check it for dirt or for paper blocking it. Check the logic board connection. If the printhead moves back all the way to the left, stops and shudders before giving the error, then something is blocking the printhead from moving into its home position.
13 What Drivers for NT should I use ? This is an issue with driver compatibility with WIN NT. We do not have any NT drivers for this printer. If you are running the printer as a local printer with NT you may have to switch the OS to WIN ME or you may try using the printer as a network printer through Jet Direct.
14 Parts of the characters are too light to read? Try adjusting the detent lever and see if this helps. If you have replaced the Ribbon and moved the detent Closer and still print is light, most likely printhead is worn. You will need to call for service.
15 What is the default port setting for the NIC when setting up a N3300 printer for TCP/IP communications? The default settings for the serial port are:

Baud rate = 9600
Parity = none
Data bits = 8
DTR = enable
Handshake = Xon/Xoff

The parallel port default settings are:

Handshake = on busy
ACK = before busy
8th bit = enable
Parallel = enable.

To print the default settings on the Netque, log into the network card using telnet or hyperterminal and typing the command “show server config port 1”.

Please refer to the N3300 User manual for additional info or call tech support at 800-476-2450.

16 A DOCUMAX A3300 printer wraps text even though we have font set to 12cpi, left margin at 1, and right margin at 105. It wraps about column 86 — a little over 7 inches across page. Your software may be over-riding the printer settings. There is no way to set the printer to ignore these software settings. Check your printer properties if you are in Windows and make sure of the margin settings both there and in your applications. If you still have problems and if you are using the Epson emulation, then you might try setting the printer to IBM Pro and select the IBM Proprinter XL as a driver.
17 I am trying to locate drivers for a Documax C3300 printer. Please Advise. The C3300 was designed to work on the IBM “coax” system with the 3287 emulation. If you are going to use the printer as a parallel printer, you can select one of the other emulations in Menu #3 such as: Epson FX-80; IBM Proprinter XL; Dec LA-120; IBM Graphics printer, or TI-885. We have no specific drivers available for the Documax printer. You should be able to find one of the above listed drivers on your Windows CD/ROM.
18 I need to double-check the static head gap for the DS 3300 Printer. Move the detent lever to it’s smallest gap setting. The gap is .003 +or-.002. No ribbon or paper in the machine. If this is correct could you tell me if there is any pin height from the end of the print head that might change the setting? The printhead might be worn down. This would cause the printhead gap to change in a positive direction (increase). The gap should be .003″ plus or minus .002″. In addition there should be no more than .002″ variance from the left to the right side. The part number of the printhead is 104080. The default gap setting is 36 for rev g firmware. Yours may be different, but should be in that neighborhood.
19 Do you remove the mylar shield from the ribbon prior to installation? If you are asking about the mylar shield on the plastic ribbon guide which fits over the printhead, it must stay on the ribbon guide. To replace the ribbon, open the top of the printer, move the dial on the outside right side of the printer to the front of the printer (max printhead gap) and remove the ribbon. It may be necessary to tilt the ribbon guide to remove it. The new ribbon installs in the reverse order.
20 What is the required serial interface connector pinout for using the Documax A3300 Series printer in an HBOC Star product environment? I suggest that you check the Documax Users’ manual section B page 11 for the serial interface specifications.
21 What does it take to make the Documax 3300 emulate the DG6425 printer to print barcodes? You would need to purchase the firmware kit, part number 104572.5, and to follow the enclosed instructions to replace the existing firmware with that which is included in the kit. This kit is available from our parts dept at 1-800-476-2450, option#1.
22 I want to know if the Documax A3300 can be connected at the same time to the parallel port of one computer and to the serial port of other computer? Yes, the A3300 and all of our dot matrix printers can be connected to both.
23 I am getting a paper out error even when paper is loaded. I have tried to hold the tractor switch down but still get the error. This may be caused by a dirty or defective paper out sensor. This sensor is located in the platen (the metal piece that the printhead strikes against). Turn the power off to the printer, and move the printhead to the right. Look at the platen down where the paper comes up on the left side as you are standing in front of the printer. You should see a small hole, that is actually where the paper out sensor is located. Try getting in there with a q-tip or blow it out with low pressure compressed air. Then if you get the same error, the sensor is faulty. The paper out sensor is available from our parts dept, part number 104168, platen sensor.
24 Printer is double striking the characters Enter the printer setup – Menu 4 Printer Control and verify that the feature Double Strike is off. Also in Menu 3 – Personality verify that the Font feature is not set to Courier or Prestiage (NLQ). When either feature is enabled the printhead of the printer passes 4 times to complete the character(s). If the doublestrike continues please make sure the data coming from the host is not using a bold type font.
25 I have got a documaxx A3300 printer with a standard 3k memory. How can I expand this memory? There is a ram upgrade kit also available from our parts dept. part number 104573.10. This will upgrade your ram to 171k.