ACCEL Serial Dot Matrix(SDM) Printers

ACCEL Series Printers FAQ


1 Which driver should I use for this printer? AMT Datasouth does not provide printer drivers for ACCEL-200 and ACCEL-300 series printers, since these printers do not contain a native AMT command language. Instead, these printers contain Epson and IBM printer emulations. To use ACCEL-200 and ACCEL-300 printers with Windows, use the IBM XL24 Proprinter, Epson LQ-570, or Epson LQ-1070 printer driver that comes on the Windows Installation disks.
2 How do you adjust the print line (i.e., first line of print on a page) on this printer? The ( P_SNSR ) feature lets you adjust the top of form position . To move the top of form down the page increase the setting. To move the top of form up the page decrease the setting.
3 My company just recently purchased a couple of carriages and carriage belts from you for the AMT ACCEL-244. I was wondering if there was a certain way to line up the two plastic pieces on each end of the carriage rail so that it is lined up to print the same density of characters from left to right There are actually several procedures that are relevant. The first is the print head gap. This is set by adjusting the fingers on the left side carriage shaft eccentric bushing where it meshes with the print gap lever. The gap range is 0.011 to 0.014 inch when the printhead is on the left side of the printer, without the ribbon. Moving the fingers toward the rear of the printer decreases the gap. The second adjustment is the carriage shaft bushing gap. This is the gap between the right side carriage bushing flange and the right frame. This gap should be 0.02 inch or more. It is set by seating/unseating the bushing on the shaft. The third adjustment is the parallelism. Use a feeler gauge of 3.2 to 4.5 mils,(0.08 to .11mm). Move the printhead carrier so that the left edge of the paper guide is in line with the left edge of the platen roller. With the printer paused, rotate the platen so that the factory mark on the left side is lined up with the printhead. Insert the feeler gauge to determine the gap. now mov
4 Which driver should I use for this printer? Please follow this link:
5 How do I change from serial printing to parallel? To change the feature take the printer off line ,press SETUP then rotate the dial clockwise until you reach a feature that says INTERFACE: by holding down the ALT and rotating the dial clockwise you can move thru the options for this setting (Par=parallel) (Ser=serial) when you let go of the ALT it will hold that setting.
6 I am working on a 535 that is printing too far to the left and not advancing to the next form. I have cleaned the carriage sensor on a prior service request and the problem was taken care of for a couple of weeks. The printer came back with the same problem description last week, and we have not been able to repair by cleaning the sensor. We attempted to replace the main logic board, but the board we were shipped does not work in this printer. Carriage positioning problems are 99% caused by the carrier, when the bushings that ride the rails wear out. Paper feeding issues are generally caused worn paperfeed belts. These are the common wear parts on the printer and look like the problem your seeing.
7 I have just installed a PC that replaces my “dumb terminal” on an ADP network. I set Windows to Generic/Text printer driver for my Accel 535C printer. It prints OK but every once in a while goes crazy. Can you tell me which driver I should download. If you are using Windows 95/98 or NT there is a driver available on the website for those printers. If you use that driver you should set feature 5 (EMUL) in the printer to “amt”. However, just in case, I have attached the driver to this response. The Windows 2000 driver is now available on our website:
8 The Printer is in the Plott emulation but we want to change to Epson LQ Emulation. Please tell us where can we reset the HP 7xxx Plot emulation or go back to the Factory Emulation (sets). In the menu (feature) on “plot” the Points are: 1 = Rstor 2 = Save 3 = DFALT 4 = EM: (HP-7550E) 5 = Qual: and not Emul in point 4 I only can change then HP Plot Emu. but no normal Matrix Printer. Go into the setup menu, and go to feature #5, EMUL. Press the “ALT ” button and turn the dial until the desired value is in the window, then release ALT. Now go to feature #3, DFALT. It should be USER1. If it is not change it to user1. Now turn the dial down to feature #2, save. Hold the ALT button down and turn the dial until USER1 is displayed and release ALT. Your settings should now be saved. I assume that you have a plug-in Intelli-card in the printer. Your emulation must be hard coded in the intelli-card. You would need to purchase an intelli-card in order to print as a standard printer. The best way to ensure that you get the right card for an older 500 series printer like this would be to contact Kim Stovall at our California sales office. The phone number is 1-805-388-5799.
ACCEL 6310-6350
1 Do you have Win 7  64-bit drivers for the 6350 ? We currently don’t have 64-bit drivers for your model. If they become available they will be posted on our website.Current workaround options:1. Use the “generic text only” driver supplied with Windows 7. (won’t print any graphics, but most car dealers use this option)Click start button, then click “devices and printers”  then click “add a printer”  when the model types pop up, select “generic” and on the right select “text only”


2. For Windows 7 – 64-bit users, if the driver is not yet listed, then try using XP mode and load the XP driver for your model there.

To download XP drivers goto:

for more on XP mode:

(To set up XP mode from Win7 Professional, goto START , then open ALL PROGRAMS, then open WINDOWS VIRTUAL PC and follow prompts.)
The replacement model for the 6350 is the 7350 which has a driver for Win 7, Server 2003 and 2008.
For more info on the 7350 goto:
ACCEL 7350 – 7450
7350 Technical Bulletin
7350 FAQ sheet
7450 FAQ sheet