Performax SDM Printer

Performax FAQ

Revision: 01




1 What are the Performax Error Codes? Click here to link to the Performax Error Codes pdf file from our Technical Bulletins page.
2 How do I fix false paper and carriage jams on Performax printers? Paper Jams: False paper jams on Performax units come from the mechanical switch located in the left tractor. One possible fix is to very slightly bend the metal tab of the switch out to make better contact with the paper. Otherwise the switch will need to be replaced.
Carriage Jams: Carriage jam is a general error code, which encompasses a number of possible problems: The first possibility is an obstruction of carriage movement, caused by a jammed form or the carriage belt rubbing on the top or bottom of the crown roller. Dirty carriage rails can also cause this type of error. The carriage rails are to be cleaned with alcohol, DO NOT USE LUBRICANTS. One other possible cause is the ribbon cartridge could be jammed which will restrict the printhead from moving causing Carriage Jams.
3 How do I troubleshoot a Performax? Click here to link to the Performax Troubleshooting pdf file from our Technical Bulletins page.
4 How do I self-test a Performax A600? Chapter 4 of the A600 User Manual, under Group 7 Diagnostics gives a description of how to run a “Self Test”. Take the printer offline and press the setup button. The setup light will blink. Press the “Group” button until “G7” is seen in the display. Next press the down-arrow “Feature” button until “Run Self Test”. Press the “Enter” button to initiate the self test. To stop the test press “Online”.
5 Where is the feed roller located? The feed rollers are the rollers down inside the printer near the paper tractors.
6 Where can I get Print Driver information to setup and use this printer? AMT Datasouth does not provide printer drivers for Performax series printers, since these printers do not contain a native AMT command language. Instead, these printers contain Epson and IBM printer emulations. To use these printers with Windows, use the IBM XL Proprinter, or the Epson FX-80. These drivers all can be found on the Windows Installation disks
7 What causes the margins to move during a print job? Margin drift on a A600 comes from an intermittent break in the path from the encoder to the main controller board. This is not a main board problem; it is either the encoder, printhead, or print cables
8 What is this error ** FIFO OVERFLOW**? FIFO OVERFLOW is a message from the printer telling you that information has been lost due to a failure in communication between the printer and the computer, this could come from a change in the software, bad cable or failure in the printer port.
9 Is it possible to hook up a Performax A600 printer to an HP Jetdirect printer server? From default the printer can run both serial or parallel without changing features, other than the baud rate for serial operation there should be nothing special.