XL Series SDM Printers

XL Series FAQ

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1 How do I perform printer setup on my DS or XL series printer DS & XL model printers have numeric displays, therefore it is necessary to know what number represents what feature to set up your printer. For a complete List of Feature Settings click here Feature Settings.pdf
2 Which driver should I use for this printer? AMT Datasouth does not provide printer drivers for XL series printers, since these printers do not contain a native AMT command language. Instead, these printers contain Epson and IBM printer emulations. To use XL400 printers with Windows, use the IBM XL Proprinter driver with feature 13 set to a value of 2 , or the Epson FX-100 driver with feature 13 set to a value of 6. For the XL300 or XL300DD use the Epson FX-100 driver with feature 13 set to a value of 6. These drivers can be found on the Windows Installation disks. Feature #13 has certain values that correspond to different printer drivers. The driver type and value number is shown below; Value# Driver 1 Generic 2 IBM Graphics Printer 5 DS180 6 Epson MX 80/100 7 Diablo 630 8 Dec LA120 (Digital)
3 How do I print a list of printer settings using Feature 98? On DS and XL printers feature 98 prints the feature listing. On an XL printer press OFF LINE, then ENTER SETUP, then DISPLAY DOWN twice to 98, then press SET and it should print out the feature dump.
4 How do I set XL Series printer features? Click here for instructions: Setting XL Series Printer Features. (XL SERIES PRINTERS FEATURES SETTINGS.PDF)
5 What do I do if my XL C300DD printer will not print? Perform a printer default reset if the printer cannot perform a self test – feature 99. To perform a default reset, power off unit and hold the clear button while powering on. Do not let go of the clear button until the printhead stops moving.
6 We have a 3 wire serial connection to our XL 400 running at 2400 baud. It’s set at 2400 baud so the buffer does not overflow. It prints most long reports fine but we are having trouble printing checks. What can I do? Please verify the port settings in your host (computer) for hankshaking whether Xon/Xoff and/or DTR. The XL400 printer must match the host settings. The pinouts for the serial port are 1 = chassis ground 2 = transmit 3 = receive 7 = signal ground 11 + 20 = DTR
7 Which three buttons must be pressed while turning the printer on/off to reset the printer back to the original factory default settings (XL 300)? To default an XL300 turn the print off and hold only the clear button in while powering on until the printhead has stopped moving. Feature 13 is the emulation feature if you set this to a value of 6 it will be an Epson FX.
8 How do I set the mode of the printer to Epson, IBM, etc..? Feature 13 is the emulation feature, set to a value of 6 for Epson FX.