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AMT Process 24/7


System down? Network down? Software down? Internet down?

No problem - AMT Process 24/7® has you covered.

Continue admitting patients, drawing labs, or filling prescriptions on a local device using software that not only allows you print wristbands and labels on demand, but also stores the data to be uploaded into the main system later, once the downtime is over.

AMT Process 247

Key Features:

  • Patient data is encrypted

  • Reprint patient wristbands or labels from earlier at the touch of a button

  • Supports our own Fastmark printers and Zebra compatibles by utilizing Direct Print Technology (no windows driver required)

  • The wristband layout matches their “on-line” format (AMT pre-formats the design and it is stored in the software)

  • Designs can be edited on-demand by the hospital at any time

Be Prepared For:

  • Planned outages for maintenance or upgrades to  a current system

  • Unexpected network outage

  • Cybersecurity incident

Process 247 Label Design

Ideal for:


  • Emergency Room

  • Admissions

  • Labor & Delivery

  • Lab

  • Pharmacy

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