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AMT Process 24/7


System down? Network down? Software down? Internet down?

Or does the information you need to print not typically reside in a network?

No problem - AMT Process 24/7® has you covered.

For Healthcare

Continue admitting patients, drawing labs, or filling prescriptions on a local device using software that not only allows you print wristbands and labels on demand, but also stores the data to be uploaded into the main system later, once the downtime is over.

  • Emergency Room

  • Admissions

  • Labor & Delivery

  • Lab

  • Pharmacy

Other Industries

Intake and save data for people, assets, or inventory and print wristbands or labels for:

  • Visitors Passes

  • Entry to theme parks, concerts, events...

  • Volunteer centers

  • Travel/tours/cruises

  • Asset tags, inventory labels with barcodes

Also Be Prepared For

  • Planned outages for maintenance or upgrades to  a current system

  • Unexpected network outage

  • Cybersecurity incident


Print labels and wristbands on ZPL compatibles by utilizing Direct Print Technology (no windows driver required). Or use with our own Fastmark "smart printers" that guard against user errors, minimize data entry for multiple-label jobs such as labs, and autoformat the entered data for text and barcode requirements.

AMT Process 247
Process 247 Label Design

Key Features​​

  • Personal data is encrypted

  • Reprint wristbands or labels from earlier at the touch of a button

  • The wristband layout matches their “on-line” format (AMT pre-formats the design and it is stored in the software)

  • Designs can be edited on-demand by the hospital at any time

Populating a single data entry field on multiple parts of the media.

This is crucial for LAB applications, as they use a multi-section labels and several pieces of info (Name, Ascension #, DOB, MR, Specimen,) have to be printed multiple times on different sections of the master lab label. A user can enter a field once and have it printed on a complex multi-section label.


Auto-format a field to include/exclude dashes.

Often Human Readable data (example: Accession# or MR#), are printed with dashes in between (ex: 12-34-5678), however the same field will be used to print a barcode without any dashes (12345678). They can enter the field ONCE and printer can automatically print that field with and without formatting as needed.


Set allowable range for numeric data entry fields.

User can set a numeric range for a data entry field such as MR# or ACCT# (example 100,000 to 499,999). Anything entered outside that range will be flagged.


Set allowable length for alphanumeric entry fields.

User can set a min/max number of characters or digits for a data entry field, (example MR# to be 8 digits and ACCT# to be 12 digits).


Auto-format single entry fields for Text and Barcode requirements.

Manually entered data in Downtime session, is automatically compiled and saved in a secure encrypted file to be accessed by the administrator under password control.


Secure data encryption

Save manual entry data during downtime in an encrypted file to be accessed under administrator privilege.


Import/Export of downtime data entry information into HIS

Secure, manually entered data in downtime session, can be exported to a FLAT file or .CSV file format to be imported to an HIS system or other type of system or database.


Network Security

Network protocols including SNMP, FTP and TELNET can be blocked and unblocked using programming in our Fastmark "smart printers".

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